The 2015 Seven Small Jewels: Seven To Watch

Seven to Watch
When it comes to Consulting’s Seven Small Jewels award, there’s nothing at all small about the number of nominations we receive for just seven winning spots. This year, for every winner more than 25 firms didn’t make the cut. So, it would certainly stand to reason that many, many good firms were left on the outside looking in. Several of these firms stood out in the eyes of our editorial selection committee. For one reason or another, these seven didn’t quite make the final cut this year, but they were considered, and fell just short, of being named one of the Seven Small Jewels for 2015. Rather, they made our Seven to Watch list for 2015 so we, and you, can keep an eye on them this year and in the future. Who knows? They may find themselves as one of next year’s Seven Small Jewels. Stay Tuned.

1. Agility Solutions
Agility Solutions, a Denver, Colo.-based Operations Management and Financial Consulting firm, specializes in Profit Assurance services. Agility is keenly focused on the communications and energy sectors. The firm’s model helps large companies find, capture and protect the money they’ve earned. That strategy netted Agility 48 percent revenue growth in 2014. In 2015, the firm is forecasting more than 40 percent growth. Agility uses what it calls a “success-based fee model” that allows clients to achieve a guaranteed ROI, sometimes achieving a return as high as 500 percent.

2. BlueLine Associates
Established in 2009, BlueLine Associates provides business process management services to transform people, process and technology. The firm transforms and improves process; supports implementation of IT systems, and creates information management systems and organizations. The Apex, N.C.-based IT firm, with a heavy healthcare concentration, more than doubled its revenue in 2014 and is forecasting even more robust growth for 2015. BlueLine Associates is predicting a whopping 135 percent growth rate for 2015.

3. Eagle Hill Consulting
Eagle Hill Consulting is a family-run, woman-owned business applying the best tools and methodologies of larger consultancies, along with the personalized attention of a smaller firm. Its consultants solve clients’ business problems across several industries. The Alexandria, Va.-based firm serves clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, specifically in the federal government, homeland security, entertainment and financial services sectors. Eagle Hill Consulting grew revenue by about 50 percent in 2014 and is projecting another 55 percent growth this year.

4. e4 Services
E4 Services is an Information Technology and strategy firm based in West Chester, Pa. The firm is focused on solving complex problems in the healthcare sector, and most of its clients’ problems are very complex. The healthcare landscape shifts rapidly and constantly, causing hospitals to struggle to find the money and resources to keep pace. That’s where e4 comes in, providing people, structure, expertise and innovation to their clients. The firm grew revenue by some 27 percent in 2014 and expects to grow it another 23 percent by the year’s end.

5. Intelisent
Intelisent is a Newington, Conn.-based Operations, Strategy and IT firm focused on the financial services, healthcare, communications and retail sectors. For the past three years, organizations have sought the expertise of Intelisent to implement highly personalized, data-driven communications—specifically the direct marketing industry—into an era of personalized, one-to-one communication and campaign tracking across multiple channels. Intelisent grew an impressive 42 percent in 2014, and the firm is projecting an additional 48 percent growth for 2015.

6. Strativity Group
For over a decade, The Strativity Group has led dozens of organizations around the world into what it says is a new era of customer-centricity. The Hackensack N.J.-based Strategy and Operations firm is focused on the manufacturing, utilities, healthcare and financial services sectors. The Strativity Group has been involved in over 150 transformations in 21 countries, touching 220 million customers and 375,000 employees. These types of numbers have led to financial success: The firm grew some 27 percent in 2014 and is forecasting nearly 30 percent growth by year’s end.

7. UMT Consulting Group
UMT Consulting Group is a New York-based Operations and Information Technology firm focused mainly in the healthcare industry, but serving several other client sectors. The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) consulting firm is consistently ranked among the top PPM practices by industry analysts and clients, providing business solutions using innovation, technology and capabilities informed by experience and deep industry knowledge. In 2014, UMT was able to grow revenue about 25 percent and expects to grow it another 25 percent or so in 2015.