The 2014 Rising Stars of the Profession: 35 Under 35

Rising Stars 35 Under 35

What can one say about our first Rising Stars of the Profession: 35 Under 35? Well, as it turns out, plenty. And we let them do just that over the next 35 profiles. Check out their inspiring stories and their accomplishments. Read their quotes: What do they have to say? More times than not, they deflect praise and instead opt to credit those around them—their co-workers, their team, their mentors, their clients. Since they won’t say it, we will.

The award winners, and plenty of their colleagues in Generation Y, are eager and well educated. They know what they want, and are not about to settle. They don’t like the status quo; in fact, they have no problem challenging it. They are not afraid to take chances. They expect their jobs to be fulfilling. They expect to be fulfilled. If they’re not, they’ll move on. The “work hard, play hard” mantra was practically invented for them.

They are philanthropic; they believe the work they do each day should lead to more than a paycheck. In some cases, much more. They are determined. In simplest terms, they want to change the world—or at least leave it in much better shape than how they found it. They are, in a word, redefining the consulting profession.

Tim Bowman
Sara Butler
Keith Campbell
Anthony Carmello
Amanda Cox
Jill Czerwinski
James Dolan, Ph.D.
Kristen Doyle
Keven Faulkner
Heather Griffin
Sarah Griffis
Doug Hautop
Emily Kent
Garrett Kephart
Ross Krusell
Michael Lan
Benjamin Lane
Steve Love
Samantha Malden
Matthew Maloney
Rachel Haloen Marano
Mike McSweeney
Keaton Miller
Jackie Morris
Jacqueline Murphy
Owne Priestly
Ian Reither
Laura Rugarber
Akhila Skiftenes
Tyler Smith
Maria Steingoltz
Tony Swanson
Ryan Uteg
Olli Valikangas
Jon Witta
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