Top 25 Consultants, 2013: Ron Ray

Ron Ray Ron Ray
Managing Director, Public Sector practice
Excellence in Public Sector

Ron Ray is a managing director in PwC’s Public Sector practice where he is focused on supporting federal agencies to help deliver sustainable, innovative solutions in government healthcare. He is also the founder of what was Ray Group International (RGI), a consulting firm acquired by PwC late last year.

But neither of those facts even begin to tell the story of Ron Ray. Prior to founding RGI, he served 20 years in the military and was awarded The Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War. He also received the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Purple Heart. Following his military service, Ron served as special assistant to the Secretary of Commerce (1974) and as Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration in the Department of Veterans Affairs (1989). He is the former president and current member of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

He says he is most proud of the tremendous impact Ray Group employees had on helping the government deliver health and benefits services to our nation’s veterans. “Their commitment to the veteran, to Ray Group and to each other drove the organic growth that placed us in a position to join forces with one of the top professional services firms in the world, PwC,” he says. “I am also very proud of how Ray Group employees embraced the opportunity to grow with PwC, working with PwC to integrate our two organizations and missions, all the while continuing to provide outstanding service to our clients.”

Ray says when people know they are trusted and that leadership supports them, and is committed to team success before personal success, they are inspired to lead by example and do great things. “Working with inspired people inspires me to succeed,” he says.

Ray says he believes his efforts over the last several years have made a difference in the lives of U.S. Veterans. “They deserve nothing less than my personal best,” he says. “I can look back over a number of years and see the tremendous number of people I worked with who have done amazing things. They really made a difference in the marketplace, in their communities, and within their families. These two things not only inspire me today, they continue to keep me inspired moving forward.”

Winning the Top 25 award “lets me know I must be doing something right!” he says. “For my team, winning the award is something we can all take pride in because it is the culmination of hard work from many people. For my clients, it validates the trust they placed in us when they asked us to help them solve some of their most difficult and vexing problems.”

Q&A: What motivates you to excel?

“I’ve always approached work by analyzing how I can do it better going forward. In any situation, I always want to know how my team can make a difference and what I can do to help them make that difference. I found I can best make a difference by pulling together highly energetic people committed to getting the job done, and getting it done right. Just “checking the box” has never appealed to me or the people with whom I like to work. I want my team’s impact to be profound on every project or task we tackle.”

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