The Profession's Best Small Firms


See coverage in the June Issue of Consulting magazine.

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, Consulting magazine hosted a Gala Awards dinner celebration to recognize the profession’s best small consultancies. The event, which was held in the elegant W Chicago City Center, provided an excellent opportunity for Consulting magazine, and the consulting profession, to pay tribute to those smaller, niche firms that excel, but too often fly below the radar.

The Gala was an outstanding opportunity for consulting’s best small firms to come together, celebrate their achievements and recognize those most responsible for their success. All that attended also enjoyed networking with other leaders of small firms, sharing best practices, insights and secrets to their success.

It’s long been part of Consulting magazine’s editorial mission to recognize the very best consulting firms, regardless of size. Small firms deserve as much of the recognition—and perhaps even more—as the profession’s bigger and better known brands. It’s the extraordinary efforts and excellence of these award winners that truly make the entire profession proud, as well as the clients they serve with such distinction.

Participating Firms:

Blue Stone International
Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Blue Stone International, a Chicago-based Financial Consulting and Business Advisory Services firm, launched in 2005 and has posted solid growth, including a 64 percent increase in revenue last year. In addition, the firm, which is poised to hit 100 consultants in 2013, is projecting another 26 percent revenue increase this year.

Cumberland Consulting Group
Winner, 2012 Best Small Firms to Work For
A 200-person IT firm based in Franklin Tenn., Cumberland has been a mainstay on Consulting’s Best Small Firms to Work For ranking, making the list four times in the last five years. The firm was also named one of Consulting’s Seven Small Jewels in 2009.

Divurgent (Silver Sponsor)
Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Divurgent, an IT and Strategy firm that advises the healthcare industry, exploded in 2012, increasing its staff size from 19 to 54 and its revenue 104 percent. Continuing to ride the healthcare wave, the Virginia Beach, Va.-based firm expects to grow revenue another 52 percent in 2013.

Impact Advisors
Winner, 2012 Best Small Firms to Work For
For Impact Advisors, 2012 marked the fourth straight year the firm has been at or near the top of the Best Small Firms to Work For ranking. The 120-person, Naperville, Ill.-based firm brings that same level of consistency to the advisory work they do with clients in a key market segment—Strategy and Healthcare IT. Firm leadership, however, focuses just as much on internal factors, such as employee culture and morale as reason for the firm’s success.

Improving Enterprises
Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Since Improving Enterprises launched in 2007, it has achieved 30 percent annual growth. Last year was no different. And in 2013, the firm is forecasting another 33 percent increase to about $34 million in revenue. Meanwhile, the Dallas-based IT firm will top the 200-consultant threshold this year.

Level 11 (Platinum Sponsor)
Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Level 11 was launched in 2009. After a somewhat humble beginning for the San Francisco-based firm, it took off in 2012, generating 245 percent growth. The IT and Strategy firm is expecting a more modest 47 percent revenue increase in 2013.

Rightpoint (Gold Sponsor)
Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Last year, Rightpoint grew 35 percent and firm leadership is expecting an even a bigger increase—41 percent—in 2013. The 100-person, Chicago-based IT and Strategy firm is anticipating even better growth in the 20 to 30 percent range over the next few years.

Winner, 2012 Best Small Firms to Work For
Strong-Bridge is a Seattle-based multi-service firm with about 125 billable consultants. The firm was ranked No. 12 on our Best Small Firms to Work For list in 2012. In addition, Strong-Bridge was also named one of our Seven Small jewels back in 2008.

Stroud Consulting
Winner, 2012 Best Small Firms to Work For
What Stroud Consulting, a Bermuda-based 75-person strategy and operations firm, accomplished on the most recent Best Small Firms to Work For survey is nothing short of amazing, sweeping all six categories the survey measures—Culture, Client Engagement, Compensation & Benefits, Work/Life Balance, Career Development and Leadership.

Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Lambertville, N.J.-based Taygan Point grew to 40 people and increased its revenue to $14.5 million, more than 50 percent growht.This year, it’s looking to add another 15 consultants and anticipates another 25 percent revenue jump. The Operations, Strategy and IT firm’s ultimate goal is to $50 million in five years.

The Mosaic Company
Winner, 2013 Seven Small Jewels
Just a few years ago, The Mosaic Company was 50 employees and just a shade under $10 million. By the end of this year, the Renton, Wash.-based IT and Operations firm will be about 175 people and generating upwards of $30 million of revenue—all of it in the energy sector.

West Monroe Partners
Winner, 2012 Best Firms to Work For
Chicago-based West Monroe Partners is no stranger to Consulting magazine awards. The 355-person Multi-Service firm was ranked among our Best Firms to Work For in 2012. In previous years, West Monroe has been named to Consulting’s Best Small Firms to Work For and Seven Small Jewels.