Efficiency Advantage

The Efficiency Advantage: How Smaller and Mid-Sized Consultancies Can Outsmart and Outperform Larger Firms

Live: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 1 p.m. EST

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It’s no secret that consulting isn’t always a level playing field.

The profession is made up of all types of firms of differing shapes, sizes and disciplines. Over the last decade, several smaller and mid-sized firms have not only caught up to the big players, but in many cases, they have surpassed much larger and more established firms. How? Niche firms have been able to level the playing field by offering laser-focused expertise, as well as a level of client service than many large firms can only dream about. But what else are smaller firms doing to win the day?

With all this in mind, you will uncover answers to such critical questions as:

  • What are some best practices smaller firms use to compete and “out-resource” bigger firms?
  • How have smaller firms upped the ante on client service?
  • How is technology helping level the playing field?
  • What steps should you be taking right now to position your firm for success?

PLUS—get answers to your own questions during the live Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

Featuring must-have insights on what it takes to be a “big” small firm.

Hosted by Consulting Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik, this webinar promises an inside look at what makes smaller and mid-sized firms more successful now than ever before. And, firm leaders will offer an insider’s view on just how they’re managing to move the needle in the marketplace.


  • Ric Merrifield, Partner, Level 11
  • Bill Sallas, Ph.D., Chief Retail Scientist, Halverson Group
  • Joseph Kornik, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Consulting magazine
  • Tom Rodenhauser, Managing Director, Advisory Services, Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory
  • Tanya Loh, Director of Customer & Business Development, Gigwalk

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