The Top 25 Consultants, 2012: Xavier Mosquet

Xavier Mosquet, Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group Xavier Mosquet
Senior Partner
The Boston Consulting Group
Excellence in Client Service

To say Xavier Mosquet has had his hand in what’s been going on in the automotive world the last few years would certainly be an understatement.

Mosquet, a Senior Partner with The Boston Consulting Group and the Global Leader of its Automotive Practice, led a team of BCG consultants who advised President Obama’s Task Force on the Automotive Industry on the restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009, including the establishment of the Chrysler-Fiat alliance. He also advised on General Motors’ $20 billion-plus IPO—the largest in history.

“Advising President Obama’s task force on the auto industry was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helped raise the profile of our Automotive practice,” he says. “It was both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. But today, we are seeing the fruits of that work. It’s great to see the auto industry in the U.S. rebounding so strongly.”

And Mosquet should certainly know. He opened BCG’s Detroit office in 2005 and is still its managing director, helping guide the office to 30 percent annual growth rates. Mosquet is also a frequently cited expert on electric cars, and he’s also consulted to the Department of Energy on its 2050 energy policy.

“The problems that today’s large multinational corporations face are highly complex and specialized,” he says. “They require enormous willingness to go deep in assessing the underlying issues, often across boundaries of divisions, functions and geographies. At the same time, successful implementation of strategies and other solutions should be built on simplicity—a focus on the bare minimum to save time and resources. Simplicity in communications with the client and with the various stakeholders is also critical.”

Mosquet says his approach to consulting is a mix of “intellectual rigor and intense loyalty to the client” and “involves asking the tough questions with the idea that we are all in this together.”

Some of Mosquet’s most valued client relationships date back more than two decades. “This long-term perspective helps take into account all parameters and consequences of the work and allows us—both the client and my team—to adjust course when needed,” he says.

“The trust that is built over time speeds decision making and facilitates risk taking, which in the end produce better results and greater impact. Raising the bar every day, finding new and better answers, and putting them into action are the essence of what makes my work so rewarding.”

Q&A: What does winning the Top 25 award mean to you?

“It is certainly an honor and a welcome recognition of the impact my teams and I have had at our clients, not only in the past year but for many years. I hope it will also be seen as an acknowledgment of the incredible support that my wife and kids have always provided when the sharing of my time was not to their advantage! I could not have been there for my clients in times of need without my family being there for me.”

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