The Top 25 Consultants, 2012: Stephani Long

Stephani Long, Principal, Deloitte Consulting Stephani Long
Deloitte Consulting
Excellence in Public Sector

You don’t have to look very far to find the lives that Stephani Long has impacted through her consulting work. And while there are numerous public sector clients that have benefited from her efforts, Long likes to point out one client in particular—the State of California.

As the Lead Client Service Principal for the state, Long helped develop and expand the California Department of Health Services’ Screening Information System to test some 500,000 babies and 400,000 pregnant women every year for dozens of inherited and congenital disorders.

The system has helped physicians diagnose and treat a wide range of genetic disorders and has helped the state to better manage test results and improve the agency’s compliance with federal reporting requirements, says Long, a Principal with Deloitte Consulting.

“In Public Sector Consulting it’s the importance of our work and the impact we can make for our clients and the people they serve,” Long says. “We have brought innovative ideas to our state government clients that have helped them to do more with less, while continuing to provide vital services and benefits to children and families hard hit by the economic recession.”

Despite the challenges of the past year, the practice has been able to achieve strong financial results and revenue growth. And under Long’s leadership, the practice has doubled in revenue and expanded from 15 to 40 states. She also served a major role in the successful integration of the BearingPoint state government practice into Deloitte.
Long credits the support system at Deloitte for much of her success.

“I am privileged to work with extraordinary colleagues who are passionate about what we do and committed to serving our clients with integrity, objectivity, and distinction,” she says. “I am excited every day to work with truly remarkable colleagues and with clients who inspire me with their devotion to public service and their appreciation of what government can do to make life better for people.”

And making a better life for people is something Long does in other ways, as well. For the past 11 years, she has co-hosted an annual Fall Classic Golf Tournament that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local non-profits that improve the lives of children.

In 2011, Deloitte raised some $80,000 for the Foster Youth Education Fund to help provide higher education grants to qualifying students who have aged out of the foster care system and lack the resources and support of a family.

Q&A: What does winning the Top 25 award mean to you?

“This award is a wonderful recognition for our Public Sector Consulting team and an acknowledgment of the strong results we have had over the past year. This distinction would not be possible without the many clients who have put their faith in us and who give us the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with them on a daily basis.”