The Top 25 Consultants, 2012: Jim Armetta

Jim Armetta, Managing Director, Protiviti Jim Armetta
Managing Director
Excellence in Financial Services

Jim Armetta is one of the founding members of Protiviti, a firm that’s celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. “As one of the founders, I am proud to have been a part of the tremendous growth and success that the organization has seen over a decade,” he says.

A big part of that success, says Armetta, is the satisfaction he feels from helping to build the firm from the ground up. In fact, one of his mentees—who began at the firm as a first-year staffer—recently was promoted to Managing Director.

“I spend a lot of my time mentoring and guiding people and trying to help them achieve their career goals,” Armetta says. “The ability to help others is probably the key motivator for me in my career. I find it personally rewarding to contribute to the success of others.”

That ability, of course, isn’t limited just to co-workers. His clients, and Protiviti, reap the biggest rewards. Armetta’s annual sales are consistently well above average for the firm. He has oversight responsibility for some of the firm’s largest clients, and he grew one client 20 fold in just two years. “I enjoy helping my clients and assisting them in getting through those issues that are impacting their business,” he says.

But another important aspect of his life, he says, is the work he does with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “The roles that I play on the organization’s Advisory Board and Audit Committee help ensure that those children who are in need of a smile and a break from their day-to-day lives are able to enjoy something very special.”

In addition, Armetta says he enjoys time he spends with his wife and four children.

As far as winning the Top 25 Consultants award, Armetta says he’s honored and proud that Protiviti’s Executive Team even nominated him. “Being recognized and appreciated for the work that you do is always satisfying,” he says. “It reminds you that working hard, being ethical and helping others pays off in many ways. For my clients, I
hope that they feel inspired by my achievement and that they continue to believe the firm puts its best foot forward and that we, and I, have their interests in mind.”

It also is important, he says, because it may help inspire others at Protiviti to continue their hard work and know that their achievements will be recognized in many different ways and venues.

Q&A: What’s the biggest factor to your success?
“I feel that being successful on your own is a very difficult task; true success comes in working with teams and partners. I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by people who have the same beliefs, ambitions and motivations that I have. I have also been fortunate to have great mentors and friends who care not only about their own success, but about my success as well. They have provided leadership, advice and encouragement throughout my entire career.”