Uncovering Key Consulting Metrics: How Pricing, Fees and Utilization Can Drive Growth at Your Firm

Live Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm (ET)

Plenty has changed over the last few years, and its impact has been felt in the economy and financial performance of companies in all sectors.

The financial impact has also been felt at the consulting firms who serve these same clients. Not only in pipeline and profits, but in how firms are fundamentally driving profitability.

And, while there are macro economic indicators, often out of a firm’s control—and which may have a big impact on a consultancy’s overall financial performance—there are other, internal factors that can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Pricing, Fees and Utilization are three key factors that ultimately determine profitability. And many firms aren’t taking full advantage of how these key metrics can work for them.

With that in mind, plan now to join us online and uncover answers to such critical questions as:

  • How do pricing, fees and utilization, ultimately, drive growth and profitability?
  • What are leading consulting firms doing to capitalize on these key metrics?
  • How have these key metrics changed over time?
  • How are the profession’s top firms driving profitability today?
  • What steps should you be taking to position your firm for success?

PLUS—get answers to your own questions during the live question and answer session immediately following the presentation.

Featuring proprietary findings from Kennedy Information’s Fees and Utilization in Consulting report, as well as data from Consulting magazine research.


  • Brian Murphy, Chief of Staff, Point B
  • Brian Jacobsen, General Manager, Slalom Consulting
  • Joseph Kornik, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Consulting magazine
  • Tom Rodenhauser, Managing Director, Advisory Services, Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory
  • Drew West, Director, Product Marketing, Deltek

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