The 2012 Seven Small Jewels: Seven to Watch

Seven To Watch With more than 140 nominations for our Seven Small Jewels award, it stands to reason that several firms caught the eye of our editorial committee. For one reason or another, these seven consultancies didn’t quite make the cut this year, but they sure stood out enough to be recognized as Seven to Watch in 2012 and beyond.

Emergn Limited
This Dublin, Ireland-based IT integration firm has offices in London and Boston. With a stated goal of  “increase value, improve flow and advance quality,” Emergn Limited has been doing just that over the last several years, including an astronomical 150 growth rate in 2011, with another 25 percent expected by year’s end.

Atlanta-based IT firm, Jabian Consulting, is no stranger to Consulting magazine awards. Jabian’s been on our Best Small Firms to Work For ranking every year since the ranking debuted in 2008. The firm with a senior-level consulting model makes our Seven to Watch list this year for posting 70 percent growth year on year. It’s forecasting another 40 percent growth for 2012.

Nexus Global Business Solutions
What can you say about a firm that posted 700 percent growth in 2011 and is projecting another 140 percent revenue increase in 2012. Well, you could say the firm just hasn’t been at it quite long enough to be one of the Seven Small Jewels. That’s precisely the case with Houston-based operations management firm Nexus Global. But this energy firm, focused in oil and gas space, is certainly worth watching.

PeopleFirm landed on Consulting ’s Best Small Firms to Work For ranking in 2011. In 2012, the Seattle-based strategy firm, which specializes in developing people and talent strategies, as well as driving organizational performance , makes our Seven to Watch list for its 50 percent revenue growth in 2011. And, not to be outdone, PeopleFirm is predicting more of the same for 2012.

Chicago-based Rightpoint is an IT firm that also has offices in East Lansing, Mich., and Los Angeles. The firm, which plans to double its headcount from 2010 to the end of the 2012, is well on its way to being one of the brightest small firms in the profession. And 70 percent revenue growth last year, and another 40 percent forecast for this year certainly helps.

Sonoma Partners
Sonoma Partners, an IT firm based in Chicago with an additional office in Denver, Colo., posted an impressive 50 percent revenue increase in 2011. And with an internal policy in place to keep out-of-town travel to four nights per month or less, Sonoma is clearly a firm that will need to stay on the radar.

Wilson Perumal & Company
Dallas-based Strategy firm Wilson Perumal & Company falls into that category of a firm off to a terrific start, but without the track record. While 125 percent revenue growth in 2011 is head turning, Wilson Perumal & Company will really make a splash if it can deliver on its projection of the same 125 percent revenue growth in 2012.