Case Study: Slalom Slam Dunk—A New Marketing Portal for NBA's Portland Trail Blazers

Basketball Burdened by a slew of mixed platforms and out-of-date, fragmented technologies, the Portland Trail Blazers organization, an NBA franchise since 1970, needed a way to make their legacy systems support more collaboration while still being easy to maintain. So the Trail Blazers looked for an assist, and got it, from Seattle-based Slalom Consulting.

The Challenge
At a minimum, the team’s internal communications division wanted to streamline information management by integrating external communications with internal efforts.

The Solution
Early in the process, Slalom was able to offer demos of a SharePoint 2010 solution that was able to deliver even greater functionality than was required. Drawing on past experience, Slalom provided training for each departmental team, including designers and the owners of the product. Key business functions were broken down within the organization and shown how to develop their own sites. By having the team leaders examine and define their own needs, Slalom was able to implement a unified overall look and structure to the sites.

The Result
Leveraging SharePoint 2010, the Trail Blazers were able to deploy a unified communication platform that lets all departments, vendors and customers communicate on a level playing field. The site has also become part of the team’s community building, promoting volunteer opportunities, providing a forum to share photos and videos, and connecting vendors.

Expanding into collaboration, the platform also provides project sites that serve as central repositories for all tasks, documents, workflows, and reporting on all minor and major projects in the Rose Garden arena. A secondary benefit of this implementation was ease of access to streamlined information, saving time, effort, and resources when locating content while in the field.