A.T. Kearney Unveils New Look, New Focus

A.T. Kearney unveiled a new look to further distinguish its 86-year-old brand in the global consulting marketplace. The updated look follows a year-long initiative to clarify the firm’s distinctiveness and further define its brand.

The firm’s new ‘visual identity’ reflects the firm’s uniqueness and presents A.T. Kearney in a more modern, contemporary way, says Paul Laudicina, managing partner and chairman of the board of A.T. Kearney. The new look can be seen at www.atkearney.com.

Laudicina says the firm “set out to define and articulate what those differences are and why they matter to our clients and our people.”

A.T. Kearney conducted an independent review of its 86-year-old brand and uncovered three fundamental characteristics that have evolved from its rich heritage and define the how the firm operates today, Laudicina says.

They are: 1) Collaborative to the core, easy-to-work with and engaging; 2) Authentic, providing candid, honest and creative approaches that work: and, 3) Forward-thinking, always practically applying market foresight to produce both immediate results and build lasting, transformational advantage for clients

“This notion of immediate impact, growing advantage—working side-by-side with clients to produce results today and build momentum to position the firm for sustainable success into the future is what sets us apart,” Laudicina says. “This philosophy drives our work with our clients and characterizes the career development opportunities for our people.”