The 2011 Best Firms to Work For: 15) A.T. Kearney

Paul Laudicina Perennial Best Firms to Work For powerhouse A.T. Kearney is back at it again and grabs a spot on our list for the fourth consecutive year.

“The most gratifying feature of [the award] is it based on the perceptions of our people—what they think about our firm and the work we do for our clients,” says Paul Laudicina, Managing Officer and Chairman of A.T. Kearney. “This is the fourth straight year A.T. Kearney has been on the list and it confirms how well-received all the initiatives we have implemented since our management buyout in 2006 have been. We’ve re-affirmed the pride in our 85-year heritage and accentuated what makes us unique both as a resource to clients and a place to work.”

Since taking over the firm five years ago, Laudicina has been focused on returning A.T. Kearney to its glory days that hearken back to the values on which the firm was founded.

“We are focused on enhancing the growth trajectory we’ve established since our MBO,” Laudicina says. “We have re-affirmed our promise to deliver immediate impact and growing advantage to our clients, regardless of where they are interacting with A.T. Kearney and to continue to enhance the quality of the work experience for our people. This involves providing clarity around our brand and what sets us apart in the market and ensuring we have the right resources and structure in place to meet the challenges of increasingly global clients.”

What sets A.T. Kearney apart in the market, according to Laudicina, is the way in which the firm works, both with clients and with each other.

“Our work is always intended to provide both an immediate impact to our clients and a clear advantage that grows over time,” he says. “This is a unique
combination in the industry: We not only provide clients a greater sense of ‘engagement’ as we help enhance their performance but also deliver deep benefits to our people by offering them hands-on experience, early in their careers, that closer client interaction brings.”

And when Laudicina looks out on the business landscape he likes what he sees. “Performance is strong throughout the very global network of our 55 offices in 38 countries around the world,” he says.

“Demand is very strong in both developing and emerging markets” and in industries including consumer products and retail, energy and process, public sector, and communications and high tech.

“Our people are engaged and committed to the firm. We’re helping clients with their most challenging problems in areas from sustainability and supply chain
transformation to operational improvement and identification of new growth opportunities,” he says. “What excites us most is helping our clients navigate through the
uncharted waters that bring both great promise and challenge.”

On the Best Firms to Work For survey, A.T. Kearney scored highest in the areas of Culture, Client Engagement and Firm Leadership. Consulting asked Paul Laudicina, Managing Officer and Chairman of A.T. Kearney, why the firm excelled in these areas. His response follows.

Culture and Client Engagement
“Culture and client engagement are synonymous at A.T. Kearney. We have a culture of doing whatever is necessary to deliver for our clients while working with them as true peers—across all levels of both our Firm and our clients’ businesses. This provides substantial opportunities for rich experiences and career development for our people from the moment they start with us. We work to provide clients with full access to the best our firm has to offer. Our size and global reach provide our people with the opportunity for client interaction and exposure to a wide array of diverse opportunities and experiences.”

Firm Leadership
“We lead with an eye toward nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit and instilling a true sense of partnership across the entire organization. We articulate our standards through a Code of Conduct to which all employees re-certify annually.