Excerpt: Brand Resilience

Jonathan Copulsky The following is an excerpt from Brand Resilience: Managing Risk and Recovery in a High-Speed World by Deloitte Consulting’s Jonathan Copulsky. For three decades, Copulsky, a principal at Deloitte, has helped organizations build their brands as a chief marketing officer and strategic marketing advisor. In the book, he argues that companies often invest heavily in building their brands, but fail to establish detailed brand defenses. By neglecting to play an aggressive defensive game—a Risk Intelligent approach to brand management—organizations leave themselves vulnerable to attack and rapid brand value erosion. “Protecting a brand today is like fighting an insurgency: enemies are hard to identify, weapons are improvised, and the threat of friendly fire looms,” he says. “Brand risk has always been a threat; but, the Internet, social media and search engines now memorialize brand damages forever, just one or two clicks away.” The following passage is excerpted from Chapter 1: It’s A Brand New Day.

It’s a Brand New Day