Seven Small Jewels, 2011

Seven Small Jewels Every year, it seems, the stories of the Seven Small Jewels get more inspiring.

And this year is no different. More than 50 firms threw their hat in the ring for a chance to be called one of the Seven Small Jewels in 2011. The stories of the seven winning firms—as well as Seven To Watch—are highlighted over the next 10 pages.

More than anything, what unites the 2011 Seven Small Jewels is the desire to bring change. They are bringing a new energy, a new spirit, a new enthusiasm and are setting a new standard for the entire profession. They are affecting change not only for clients, but also inside their own organizations, and thus, tilting the playing field in their favor. But don’t take our word for it; the numbers do all the talking.

Check out all the new hires these firms are adding to the ranks, and their revenue growth is enough to make even the most successful large firm blush. Their impassioned commitment to a fresh way of thinking is having a profound impact on the entire profession. No longer content simply surviving, these upstarts are hell-bent on thriving. And they are.

Small Jewel Nominees Grew Revenue, Headcount by About 40% in 2010 Small Jewel Nominees Grew Revenue, Headcount By About 40% in 2010

While the overall consulting market may be experiencing only modest, low single-digit growth, a sizable number of small up-and-coming firms are growing rapidly.

This year, more than 50 firms were nominated for Consulting ‘s annual award. The average growth rate for the group was a staggering 38 percent in 2010 and, in aggregate, they say they are on pace to match that rate in 2011. In fact, excluding HR consultancies (the segment of the market that was slowest to come out of the downturn), the weighted average revenue growth of the other four service lines was 43 percent in 2010.

The best of the small-market firms are investing in future growth; headcount was up by more than 40 percent in 2010 and is expected to climb by almost 50 percent in 2011.

Seven Small Jewels The 2011 Seven Small Jewels:

  1. Arryve
  2. The Avascent Group
  3. Derflan
  4. Gnarus Advisors
  5. Kalypso
  6. Nouveon
  7. Vynamic

Seven to Watch