Road Warrior: Rolling Luggage

When you live out of a suitcase, it sort of becomes your home away from home. And with the amount consultants travel, it’s not uncommon to wear it out pretty quickly. So, the next time you’re in the market for new rolling luggage, take a look at these four. They’re sturdy, practical, and let’s be honest, they’ll all look great on a baggage carousel. Wait, let’s make that an overhead bin.

Eagle Creek's TarmacEagle Creek’s Tarmac


The 22-inch Tarmac has a lot to like. At just eight pounds, it’s one of the lightest high-end roller bags. Despite its weight, it’s comprised of a number of cool features and ware protection. It has a zipped shoe bag and an expandable main compartment that can add as much as 15 percent more packing space. It’s also built to last. The molded pockets protect against abrasion; the patches protect the most common wear points, and skid plates protect against the damage typically inflicted by stairs, curbs and taxi trunks. In also comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s not without flaws. Despite multiple reviews that swear it can fit in most plane’s overhead bins, the bag’s depth technically makes it half an inch too big for US carry-on.

Travelpro Crew7 Travelpro Crew7

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