The 2010 Best Small Firms: 11. IBB Consulting

IBB Consulting Group IBB Consulting Group was formed in 2001 by a team of broadband industry veterans who have worked together on breakthrough initiatives for the past 12 years. This marks IBB’s first time on the Best Small Firms to Work For list. Dr. Imran Shah, managing partner and co-founder of the firm, says “since inception, our company’s vision has been to make IBB the most compelling consulting company to work for, professionally and personally. To me, being a Best Firm to Work For means that as we grow, we retain the culture that has helped us differentiate since we were a small team. I believe this investment in our team is evident in our industry-leading low turnover rate.”

It’s also leading to high scores on the survey in two key categories: Culture and The Job. “Our strong culture comes from several mutually reinforcing areas. We foster a collaborative environment where people naturally reach out for, and get ideas and input from others across the firm—inside and outside of project teams,” Shah says. “Our culture is one of mutual support; we treat our people like family, and we work very hard to see our people succeed.”

In addition, Shah says IBB’s approach to projects is very collaborative with client stakeholders at all levels of the client organization, so our consultants enjoy a high level of direct client interaction. This contributes to the high satisfaction levels the firm enjoys when it comes to the client engagements.

“It takes great projects to keep talented consultants happy. We have been fortunate enough to consistently win some of the most compelling, cutting-edge projects in the industry,” he says. “Our clients know we bring an innovative, problem solving and technology-savvy approach, and therefore choose IBB to lead unique initiatives that are often firsts in the industry.”