Work/Life Balance: Aligning Talent Management with Growing Demand

Live Date: Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 1:00pm ET

As the economy continues on the road to recovery, many consulting firms are as busy as they’ve ever been. In some cases, utilization rates have climbed above 80 percent, others even topping 90 percent.

The fact that some markets have rebounded faster than expected comes as good news. However, given the necessary belt tightening and layoffs most firms experienced in 2009, such rates clearly are unsustainable. Many consultants are tired of being overworked and underappreciated; and this can lead to potentially catastrophic effects on a firm’s overall vitality.

Fast fact: According to a proprietary Consulting study, approximately half of 10,000 surveyed consultants plan to leave their current consulting firm by the end of 2013. And most of them plan to leave the consulting profession altogether.

Unfortunately, as alarming as this news is, it’s not entirely surprising. You can’t blame consultants for being fed up with having their success rewarded with even more work and longer hours. You can however find a better solution for improving their work/life balance — and effectively your firm’s overall sustainability.

Plan to join us to uncover:

  • Which staff levels are most vulnerable and how firms have damaged their value proposition
  • What top firms are doing to manage work/life balance
  • PTO (Predictability, Teaming and Open Communication) — an initiative at BCG designed to maintain excellence in client service while improving work/life balance for consultants
  • Opportunities/benefits associated with healthier work/life balance
  • What high-caliber candidates are and aren’t looking for in a firm

PLUS – You’ll have the rare opportunity to ask our expert panel your most pressing questions.


  • Debbie Lovich, Head of the Consulting and Business Services Team, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Tom Rodenhauser, Managing Director, Kennedy Consulting Search Group
  • Jess Scheer, Senior Editor, Consulting magazine
  • Adam Sherer, Brand VP, Marriott ExecuStay®
  • Joseph Kornik, Editor in Chief, Consulting magazine

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