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Kelly Matthews

The collapse of both Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns in the fall of 2008 sent the global financial system into chaos. And after six difficult quarters, the market for financial services consulting is finally beginning to rebound, but slowly. But what does this new industry even look like?
The financial services landscape we find ourselves in right now is vastly different than the one we knew in the summer of 2008. And there’s no question it will look vastly different in a few years. For the financial services market, nothing is certain right now.
With this in mind, Consulting magazine presents the Financial Services Forum as a way to try to help the profession make sense of an industry in upheaval and identify the opportunities that are being created. While some consulting firms simply survived, how did others thrive in this new marketplace? And what consulting opportunities will an enhanced regulatory environment bring about?
Join this half-day event, where thought leaders, industry experts and consulting colleagues will gather to discuss the issues surrounding financial services. Because this forum will also feature lively and interactive discussions, seating is limited. You must register now to reserve your place.


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