The 2007 Best Firms to Work For: About the Survey

The Consulting magazine 2007 Best Firms to Work For is based on nearly 9,000 respondents from 190 firms. Surveys were completed during the summer of 2007. Participants were asked for basic demographic information, although it was not a disqualifier if a submitted entry did not contain this information.
Here’s a breakdown of who took the Best Firms survey:

  • The majority (31 percent) of respondents label themselves as consultants, as opposed to analysts, senior managers or partners. One percent of respondents are at the CEO level.
  • Most of the respondents are industry veterans; the average length of time in the consulting profession is 7.1 years.
  • The poll’s respondents were primarily men, which is consistent with the industry. In all, 28 percent of those who participated in the survey are female; 72 percent male.
  • Forty-eight percent hold a master’s degree; 41 percent say their highest education is a bachelor’s. Three percent say they hold a doctorate; 1 percent say they don’t hold any college degree.
  • As for ethnic identification, 72 percent say they fall into the white/Caucasian category; 20 percent say Asian; 3 percent say African-American, and 3 percent say Latino.