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Sapient Consultants Applaud Candor & Accessibility

The workload can be heavy and the hours can be long, but one element of Sapient Corporation’s culture appears to set it apart from the pack: openness.

“The culture is strong on teaching and communicating.” says Helena Kwon, 30, a manager based in the firm’s Washington, DC, office. Kwon is one of dozens of Sapient consultants who identified the firm’s incessant dialog with itself as a unique cultural cornerstone.

Not even the firm’s management is excluded. Sapient’s co-CEOs are applauded by numerous Sapient consultants for proactively seeking out opinions. Everyone at Sapient receives at least one extended 360-degree feedback, which includes input from teammates, peers, and managers.
Far from feeling left out, outspoken individuals may think that they have found heaven. “In five years, I’ve never been told that I’ve offended someone with my bluntness,” says a 36-year-old manager.