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Kennedy Corner

  • »Will ‘Knowledge Workers’ (Consultants) Be Replaced by Machines? It’s Possible
    The management consulting industry to date has been largely unscathed by the wave of technological change. However, there are signs that digital technologies are now beginning to disrupt the management consulting industry as well, with potentially deep and far-reaching consequences.
  • »A Force in Consumer Banking
    Banks have been stepping up their customer satisfaction game in recent years against the typical market forces at play. The pace of change has been head-spinning for an industry not well known for its swift response to customers.
  • »Time To Simplify and Get Organized (Well, At Least Your Cloud Services)
    The practice of adding cloud services in silos and based on specific department needs often results in overlapping and many different contracts with the same vendors.
  • »Riding the Waves of Healthcare Risk
    The modern healthcare system is much like the ocean—stormy, choppy, and hostile at times, soothing, calm and inviting at others. For surfers, the more waves you go for, the more you will catch, and the more likely you’ll “wipe-out.”
  • »The Department of Defense Wants a New Mantra
    “Do more with less.” It’s become a tired refrain that U.S. Department of Defense leadership is all too familiar with hearing from all directions, whether it is their direct superiors, Congress, or the Executive.
  • »Things Go Wrong
    Things go wrong. Anyone who plays poker knows this. One moment you’re on the verge of a royal flush, and the next, you pull a six of diamonds, and you’re called. Things do indeed go wrong.
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Travel Advisory

  • »Marriott Goes Big in NYC
    Marriott International, Inc. and G Holdings opened what they’re calling an “iconic addition” to the New York skyline, a combined 378-room Courtyard hotel and 261-suite Residence Inn hotel in midtown Manhattan. The $320 million, 68-story property is the tallest single-use hotel in North America.
  • »Best Places to Stay: Travel Bounces Back
    Consultants are on the road again, at least according to the results of our annual Best Places to Stay survey.
  • »FAA: ‘Staffing Challenges’ Causing Delays
    In case you haven’t noticed, non-weather related delays at U.S. airports are on the rise. (And I know you’ve noticed that weather-related delays are definitely on the rise.)
  • »Hilton’s Building Boom
    Coming off a whirlwind 2012, Hilton Worldwide is the fastest growing global hospitality company by number of rooms.
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Book It!

  • »Q&A: Keeping It Simple
    BCG’s Six Simple Rules sets out to simplify some organizational complexity.
  • »Review: Leading the Life You Want
    It seems that everyone has an opinion on work/life balance these days, but Stewart D. Friedman’s Leading the Life You Want isn’t necessarily one of them.
  • »Review: The Culture Map
    Globalization led to the rapid connection of internationally based employees from all levels of multinational companies, and now those same employees are expected to collaborate with colleagues scattered all over the world.
  • »Review: Twitter is Not a Strategy
    Today’s digital frenzy has led many to declare that advertising is dead… or at least dying. Is it?
  • »Excerpt: Procurement as Productivity
    The following is an excerpt from the book Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World by a quartet of McKinsey & Company consultants—Peter Spiller, Nicolas Reinecke, Drew Ungerman and Henrique Teixera.
  • »Review: The Risk-Driven Business Model
    Most companies focus their innovation on new products.
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»How would you describe the leadership at your firm?

»Datawatch: The Best Firms to Work For survey average, 2011-2014
Consulting magazine Newsbriefings

This Week in the Profession

  • »Deloitte grows 5.7% for Fiscal Year
    Deloitte member firms report record aggregate revenues today of U.S. $34.2 billion for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2014, representing growth of 5.7 percent in U.S. dollars.
  • »EY’s Revenue Up 6% for Year
    EY’s Advisory Services grew 14.4% in local currency, or 13.5% U.S., marking another double-digit year.
  • »KPMG Acquires Qubera Solutions
    KPMG (U.S.) and KPMG (UK) have acquired certain assets of Qubera Solutions.
  • »Huron Consulting Group to Buy Threshold
    Huron Consulting Group announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Threshold Consulting.
  • »KPMG Acquires Workday Consulting Practice from AXIA Consulting
    KPMG acquired the Workday Consulting Practice from AXIA Consulting, a provider of technology and business consulting services to local middle-market and Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
  • »EY Acquires Boston-based strategy firm, The Parthenon Group
    EY will acquire The Parthenon Group, a global strategy consultancy with 300 professionals in offices in Boston, London, Mumbai, San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore.
  • »IBM, Apple Partnership Aims to Transform Enterprise Mobility
    Apple and IBM announced an exclusive partnership that teams the market-leading strengths of each company to transform enterprise mobility through a new class of business apps—bringing IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone and iPad.
  • »KPMG acquires 2014 Seven Small Jewel winner Zanett Commercial Solutions
    KPMG Acquires Business and Technology Consulting Firm Zanett Commercial Solutions.
  • »EY Invests $500M in New Global Analytics Center of Excellence
    EY has established a Global Analytics Center of Excellence (COE) and will commit some $500m, multi-year investment to deliver transformational change to clients by combining analytics with business acumen, domain and functional skills.
  • »PwC Unveils Digital Services Business
    PwC announced the formation of its Digital Services business, with over 2,000 digital consulting professionals around the world committed to helping clients compete and thrive in an increasingly digital world.
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Consulting magazine Online Exclusives


  • »The State of Digital Marketing in 2015
    Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, said “The only thing that is constant is change.” Nowhere is this truer than in the digital marketing arena.
  • »Social Collaboration: The Cornerstone of Your Consulting Firm?
    In the virtual business environment of most consulting firms, remote working—across states or the globe—and collaboration among engagement teams and clients, is absolutely essential. Does your current platform support this type of streamlined communication to aid in improving operational performance and employee productivity?
  • »The Evolution of IT Services Firms
    IT consulting firms help bridge the gap between the customers that have business areas they wish to automate, and the technology companies that enable the desired automation.
  • »Who Should Be Making Commitments in the Sales Process?
    Are you in sales? If so, are you the one making commitments or is it the buyer? Who should be making commitments in the sales process? If you already follow a sales process you may know the right answer to this question. Or you may be very surprised.
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Consulting magazine Interviews


  • »One on One with Robert Wise from Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory
    Consulting firm compensation is a hot button issue these days. While the industry overall enjoys solid growth, compensation at consultancies has actually remained somewhat flat. This has resulted in more consultants staying put at their firms, and lowering industry-wide attrition. Is that necessarily a good thing?
  • »One on One with BCG's Scott Hefter
    “Effective” and “government” are rarely words uttered in the same breath, especially these days. So needless to say, making government work better is a big business. It’s why BCG has hired operations expert Scott Hefter as a Partner. He sat down with Consulting to discuss his new role and his plans for growing the practice.
  • »One on One with North Highland’s Alex Bombeck
    It’s no secret that analyzing and parsing through the massive pile of data companies accumulate through the natural course of doing business has become a huge industry. To bring all the parts together, North Highland recently launched its Social Insight Lab to harness the power of social to make sense of the data. Alex Bombeck, President of Sparks Grove, North Highland’s marketing division, sat down to explain how it works.
  • »One on One with Cliff Consulting’s Kirsten Kuhlmann
    Assuming the role of President and Owner of a well-established consulting firm is a unique challenge. Kirsten Kuhlmann recently did just that at Oakland, Calif.-based Cliff Consulting.
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Consultants on Consulting

Consultants on Consulting

  • »Staying Afloat in a Megatrend World
    Deep-rooted economic, social and demographic trends are changing the way we live and work. It’s down to consultants to demonstrate how they can help clients stay afloat in choppy seas and anticipate the rogue waves on the horizon, argues Hay Group CEO Stephen Kaye.
  • »When It Comes to Healthcare: Focus on Nursing
    In this uncertain healthcare environment, a distinct demand exists for outside experts who can help guide healthcare professionals through a changing, and often confusing, regulatory environment. Consultants with expertise in a specific aspect of care or avenue of delivery have ample opportunity to influence the healthcare field—especially those who can inform and improve hospitals’ nursing practices.
  • »Six Keys to Consulting in the Middle Market
    For many consultants, working with large corporations has significant appeal. With the revenues of the Fortune 500 greater than 75 percent of U.S. GDP, the impact of big business on the economy is hard to overstate.
  • »Five Ways to Align to the C-Suite
    In my experience, real estate and facilities management (RE/FM) executives have not traditionally enjoyed as much access to or involvement with C-level leaders as our peers in finance, HR and IT. There is an old joke that asks how RE/FM leaders get a seat at the table for senior-level meetings, rather than simply providing the table.
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Focus: Client Industries

High Tech

High Tech

  • »IBM, Apple: A Story of Goliath & Goliath
    IBM’s Chief Strategist talks partnering with Apple—and what it means for analytics


  • »Pace Harmon Now Employee Owned
    Pace Harmon announced that it has implemented an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) as it completes the transition to a 100 percent employee-owned company.


  • »A Critical Condition
    Even amid some very good news, the state of healthcare remains in need of some pretty intensive care. Upheaval, transformation and disruption define the delicate and chaotic state of the industry. Can consultants find a cure?


  • »A Seismic Shift
    Over the last three decades, developed economies have enjoyed the benefits of first-mover advantage in globalizing their operations, which has given a major shot in the arm to the West’s bottom line. Deloitte’s recent report, Business Trends 2014: The Next Wave of Globalization, shows leaders in the developing world are brimming with confidence that sunnier days are ahead.

Focus: Service Lines



  • »The Top 25 Consultants 2014: Gala Awards Coverage
    The Top 25 Consultants 2014: Gala Awards Coverage

Human Resources

  • »The New HR Agenda
    Welcome to the world of evidence-based HR, one where consultants are being asked to use analytics and technology to deliver strategic services and sustainable solutions. Talent management remains the top priority, but there’s plenty more on the HR professionals’ plates these days.

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