The 2019 Top 25 Consultants: John Stanley

John Stanley

Impact Advisors

Excellence in Healthcare

mpact Advisors’ John Stanley is a healthcare information technology consultant with over 20 years of experience in strategy development, operations and project management, business development and technology implementation. He is a thought leader in IDN, hospital and ambulatory information management, as well as a National Service Leader for Impact’s work in public and private health information exchange and healthcare analytics solutions. 

“I am so fortunate to serve the healthcare industry,” Stanley says. “This is such a unique, important, and dynamic industry, and the opportunity to bring my blend of skills, knowledge, and energy makes me proud every day.”

He has worked with hospitals and IDNs to position electronic health record and data exchange solutions as a way to integrate owned or affiliated providers to support an enhanced clinical and operational relationship, achieve meaningful use objectives, and position for emerging market developments like accountable care organizations.

Stanley joined Deloitte’s Management Consulting group in Seattle in 1992 after moving on from Boeing Computer Services. Consulting seemed like a good way to use both his technology background and newly minted MBA degree.

He says he has been very fortunate to have a special family and have several opportunities to work with people and firms that are unique and have positioned him to be successful. “I grew up in a military family that moved a lot and believe that taught me to adapt to new environments and gave a stubbornness that has proven very helpful,” he says. “Joe Casper, who hired me at Deloitte, has been my mentor for 25 years and I credit him so much for what he has taught me about client service, worrying about the details, and always looking for the right solution to any challenge. He has been instrumental in my career as a consultant and professional.”

Finally, the leadership at First Consulting Group and Impact Advisors have been unique as they reinforce that always doing the right things by your clients and teammates is the key to long-term success.  

“For me, consulting has always been about understanding the real nature of a challenge and working to find the right solution and pursuing these challenges with the balance of operations value and technology planning, which is my passion and motivation,” he says. “Balancing the needs of our clients in the most dynamic industry with the ever-changing set of technologies is what motivates me every day.”

What he enjoys most about consulting is the network of people that he’s been able to establish and stay in touch with, both professionally and personally. “Consulting really is a people game, whether it’s working on problems or solutions together, connecting the right people when you don’t have the answers, or just listening,” Stanley says. “This network continues to grow and evolve in ways to assist and develop me, as well as serve our clients and industry.” 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Stanley: “I have been given three key bits of advice: 1) It’s usually the questions that matter most. If you have the questions, you can get answers. If you don’t have the right questions, you’re lost; 2) Do your homework and tell your clients what they need to hear. They may not like it, but they’ll come back if you didn’t help; 3) Always prepare the questions and answers at the next level of detail in any analysis. That way you are prepared for any direction things go.”