The 2018 Best Small Firms to Work For: Clearsulting

2 > Clearsulting 

Headquarters: Cleveland

Billable Consultants: 40 

Client Industries Served: Chemicals, Energy, Retail, Industrial Products, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Distribution 

Consulting Service Lines:  IT, Financial Consulting

Clearsulting, a Cleveland-based Financial Consulting and IT firm “committed to challenging the classic consulting business model” appeared on Consulting’s Seven to Watch list for its stellar revenue growth earlier this year as part of the Seven Small Jewels. Little did we know there would be so much to see as Clearsulting is back again with a vengeance at No. 2 on the Best Small Firms to Work For list. 

“This recognition emphasizes what we already know: our team members enjoy each other and the high-impact projects we work on,” says Marc Ursick, Founding Partner and CEO of Clearsulting. “We’re proud that our clients are 100 percent referenceable.”

The firm’s culture is focused on creativity, enthusiasm, and client collaboration to bring a fresh perspective to clients in primarily five service areas—Shared Services, Technology Services, Risk and Controls, Finance Transformation, and Analytics and Insight. 

“We pride ourselves on high morale. It is a differentiator for us and it’s why team members choose to join us,” Ursick says. “We have a very positive and interactive culture and work environment.”

Ursick is quick to point out that Clearsulting is not the typical consulting firm, nor does it practice the standard “advisory” approach to project management. He says the firm takes great pride in the straightforward, “roll up our sleeves” approach it takes with each client to immerse the firm in their business challenges—a collaborative approach that allows Clearsulting to deliver clear transformation solutions.

“Every team member has joined the firm knowing that they can make an immediate impact (both internally and externally),” he says. “While we have large-firm talent and experience, our culture is unique.” 

When he looks to the future and its opportunities, Ursick says he’s optimistic because the market is moving toward Clearsulting’s strengths. The market is changing and hungry for automation and efficiency, he says. Rather than asking, “How can we tweak this process and improve it?” Clearsulting is getting more and more questions around, “How can we automate this end-to-end process?” 

“That’s the type of work that falls into Clearsulting’s wheel-house,” he says. “We’re going to continue to put our clients first and provide high-quality consulting projects.”

On the Best Small Firms to Work For survey, Clearsulting excelled in the areas of Work/Life Balance; and Career Development. When we ask Ursick why that is, he says the firm provides a great work atmosphere. 

“Given the consulting atmosphere, we recognize it is important for our team to refresh on a regular basis. We understand that we will grow as fast as our Analysts and Managers grow,” he says. “One of our top priorities is to put them in a position where they can “stretch” and develop on a daily basis. We’re going to continue to find the best of the best talent to join our team.” 

Were there any specific programs or initiatives that you think contributed to being a Best Small Firm to Work For? 

Ursick: “I would say our work in the community, our profit-sharing program, our continuous development and our investment in our team are big factors to our success.”