The Rising Stars of the Profession: Derek Connell


Derek Connell

Excellence in Client Service
Age: 29

Derek Connell once received some great advice from his father: “No matter what your role is, whether it be leading a business or starting out in an entry-level position, be the best at that job.”

Since joining OpenSymmetry, an Austin, Texas-based IT firm in 2012, Connell has taken that advice to heart, truly being the best consultant he can be.

Now a Senior Consultant with the firm, Connell says, “Each new client has something that I’ve never seen or done before. I like learning about the different ways companies do business and figuring out how to build that model into a compensation system.”

What’s he most proud of this far into his career? That each project he’s worked on has gone on to a successful completion. “I consider a project successful not just when the work is complete, but when the client is happy with our service,” Connell says. “Getting to that point represents hard work, relationships built, and new skills learned. Each one is a unique experience that I’m proud to have been a part of.”

Connell says that on every project he’s been on, there’s always been at least one big opportunity. “In some cases the opportunity has been stepping into a lead role. In other cases the opportunity has been to develop a new skill,” Connell says. “I’ve been fortunate to be in the right place when these opportunities arise and to make the most of them.”

And when it comes to the Rising Stars of the Profession award, “It means that I’m part of a great organization. From the first day, I’ve been surrounded by a great group of people and owe my accomplishments to their great examples,” he says.

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